This Blog Will Not Attract You


As far as trends concern, I’ve noticed that the most popular blogs tend to use a plethora of means to attract its audience. It could be as simple as an image to sum up the subject of the post, a set of photos with corresponding reactions to each one so the audience can relate, or an animated GIF or a video to keep them entertained or to depict movement that words cannot describe.

But this blog will not promise to do those things. In fact, this blog might bore you.

I am doing this because I’m a big fan of Twitter. To date, I’ve made over 27 thousand tweets stating my support to things I find attractive and things I dislike so much I wish I could throw a chair off a 15-storey balcony. But being used to a 140-character format has had its toll on my ability to write in even the most meaningless of nonsense in a lengthy paragraphed format. With 140 characters, I try my best to make my thoughts short and sweet. I get used to mincing them up. Sometimes I get so lazy I just retweet other people’s posts because I find it relatable.

But I’m in college, and part of the experience is writing papers: Reaction papers, theses, research papers, essays, you name it. The 140 character format got me used to throwing short sentences without further developing on the idea, assuming every one understands in one (or two) posts. But when I face the screen to write a two-page homework on a play I just watched, I end up staring at the whiteness of the word processor for hours and spending that same amount of time browsing the internet for inspiration or taking power naps just to see if my brain kicks in when I wake up.

And the worst part is: it doesn’t. It spends most of its time while staring at a blank piece of virtual bond paper thinking how to structure that paragraph, assuming every keystroke is as permanent and indelible as the internet’s tolerance to typos. Most of the time, I end up not submitting even the most important of papers and just giving up.

I’ve lost all confidence.

So I’ve swept off the dust of this old single-post blog to get that confidence back and to try my best to compose the things on the top of my head before they get blown off to the wind by another idea. At best, I promise that there will be words. Lots of it. With thoughts that may be erroneous and uncited. I believe there’s a comments section in this thing so do feel free to shout at me at whatever I may get wrong. I’m as human as you are so please understand that I also have the capacity to change.

Thank you for your patronage and enjoy the show.


Going back to


I have yet to ask how I’m lead to fixing my blogs. Again.

Truth be told: the hardest thing for me to do is write something really long. This has been proven by how much too much exposure to Twitter have made a huge impact on my attention span, leaving my ideas and rants withering like a vegetable. It is impossible for one to compress or split one’s words to 140 characters per post and expect your followers to diligently read it.

Enough Twitter. Now let’s talk about domains, hosting, blogs, and WordPress. It all started with my idea of hoisting the upcoming visual novel for New Forte in Desura. Such requires to set up the circle as a company, which would require valid means of representing one’s self — like an e-mail with the New Forte moniker on it, or a formal website. Provided that the circle is set up mostly by some high school kids and a few foreigners to make Vocaloid music and post on places like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Facebook, such extra faff isn’t really necessary.

But now, the head honcho of the band of artists have decided that they should make a game — with their songs in it, of course — never realizing how much expansion they should make from the one-man-drummer-boy-and-virtual-diva setup it was first known for. Most of the indie games I’ve seen fly off with a decent representation of the team and it’s works: quite the opposite from assumption alone with this scraggly set of talented beings conversing over at Facebook about the unfinished script written in Microsoft Word.

But I don’t want to overwhelm the kids with plans of grandeur for their little fridge full of drawings. Sometimes, an excess may hurt when put in the wrong place at the wrong time — like buying an expensive firetruck only to be navigated through a narrow alley in the slums of Manila — thus tucking back in the 850 pesos I pulled out of my pocket. Even so, I’m looking for domains and web hosting services that would make us look like equals to Dischan Media (which, I admit, will never happen).

Anyways, back to the topic. I got back to for two things. One is to get back to a decent WordPress platform compared to the old Chez Saavedra situated next to my former Bitcoin Faucet. The other reason is because a blog on WordPress is free, and that I can temporarily use for the New Forte business cards with no money digging required.

Okay, now that I got my thoughts out, let’s get crackin’